What makes a digital steward: A competency profile based on the National Digital Stewardship Residencies

Digital stewardship is a rapidly maturing field within library and information science. This domain engages in the active and long-term management of digital objects towards their preservation for and unencumbered access by future generations. Although this field is growing quickly, it lacks a compentancy profile for practioners that is commonplace in LIS (example: the American Library Association's Core Compentencies of Librarianship). This study sought to fill that gap by creating a profile of the skills, responsibilities, and knowledge areas that define competency in digital stewardship, based on three key datasets: 1) literature in the field through a literature review (to define the scope of the profile), 2) NDSR project descriptions, qualitatively analyzed to get a baseline understanding of expected competencies 3) the results of a survey given to current and past NDSR residents, quantitively evaluated to illustrate competencies’ importance to professional success.